When I Awake

I was thinking two things about dreams when I wrote this. One was what it would be like if you could pick what you dreamed. What would you dream? I'm not sure I'd know what to pick. And then I thought about those wonderful dreams where you wake up the next morning feeling disappointed that it was only a dream. Like when I dreamed I got a new bicycle as a kid and woke up knowing I didn't have a new bicycle. Would you set yourself up for that disappointment if you could choose your dreams? And then I turned it into a love song because the music begged for a love song.

Performed by Kim Novak

Music and Lyrics by Kim Novak. All instruments and vocals by Kim Novak.


If you could dream anything
What would you dream?
Would you dream of a kiss
Or the cover of a magazine?

Would you dream of a win
Or lose yourself in fur?
Would you walk on Saturn's rings
Or something more obscure?

Dream with me
Love with me
Be with me

If you could dream with me
What would we do?
Would we live somewhere warm
In a house with view?

And when you awoke
What would you feel?
A deep disappointment
That the dream wasn't real?

Dream with me
Love with me
Be with me

I'd choose the simple dreams
The kind that could be true
Like socks and drinks and medicine
And growing old with you

I could dream that I were rich
And I could dream away this ache
I could dream that we met years ago
And when I awake
That deep disappointment
that the dream isn't true
Well, it really wouldn't matter
waking up next to you.

Dream with me
Love with me
Be with me