Serenity Hymn

Inspired by the movie "Serenity" and its themes of love and belief. Shiny!

Performed by Kim Novak

Music and Lyrics by Kim Novak. All instruments and vocals by Kim Novak.


'twas after the battle of Serenity Valley,
the browncoats' final stand,
A captain and his crew in a firefly star boat
became a leaf on the wind

Whether fleeing the gorram alliance or the reavers,
they're all just plain folk now
When they've got a job to do,
they've got to make somehow

The first rule of flying is to love your boat
or it's certain you won't survive
As if she had a Capissen 38 engine,
she'd fall right out of the sky

If you get torn up 'cause of what you believe,
you'll find that you'll fly true
Half of writing history is hiding the truth,
but belief will walk you through

If folks believe that you can make people better,
aim to misbehave
If the wind blows northerly, you go North
and take these things on faith

All the math in the 'verse can't help you,
if you don't love your boat
And there's no power in the 'verse can stop you,
if you just believe