Janey's Story

I call this one sci-fi folk music. It's part of a bigger story that only jeez can tell, and I hope one day he tells the whole story through music. My favorite line is "An alligator man got my man Sam, I got away now here I am."

Performed by The Mountains of Madness

Written by James Albert (aka jeez)
James Albert - music and programming
Kim Novak - vocals


I came here from Louisiana way
Where there ain't no snow but it rains all day
An alligator man got my man Sam
I got away now here I am

Daddy was born before the mountains fell
Always said the weather went straight to hell
Never seen the sun, but I've heard say
It can heal your soul, chase the clouds away

Never seen the moon, but I've been told
There've been people livin' on her since the days before
They call the land the high frontier
I hope someday that they come down here

A country in the sky, a city in the air
Well, I hope it's so when I go up there
Don't wanna spend my life just livin' in a cave