Boones Ferry Days

Inspired by visits to my Aunt Alice and Uncle Emery's house in Wilsonville, Oregon, south of Portland. Wilsonville used to hold an annual celebration called Boones Ferry Days in honor of the ferry that used to take people across the Willamette River. The ferry was run by Daniel Boone's grandson, Alfonso Boone. Uncle Emery's house was next to the south ferry landing.

Performed by Kim Novak

Music and Lyrics by Kim Novak. All instruments and vocals by Kim Novak.


Seems like a lifetime gone by since Boone's Ferry Days
Wearing that pioneer dress that my mama made
My light blue bonnet and parasol shaded my head
Auntie Alice was baking her homemade zucchini bread

At Uncle Emery's cabin where the wild cucumbers grow
Climbing high up on the railroad bridge looking east
Sparkles on the water, the marina where the ferry used to cross
You see the north shore's eroded since it ceased

Daniel Boone's grandson and his ferry are many years gone
You can cross the Willamette on Interstate 5
Uncle Emery, Aunt Alice and the cabin are memories now
With Wilsonville's Boone's Ferry Days on my mind