About Me

  • I think best in bullet lists.
  • My main musical talent is singing. I play guitar, keyboard and bass because a capella gets old.
  • I'm not especially talented at guitar, keyboard and bass.
  • I'm a CPA, but I don't do other people's taxes. I did people's taxes when I was in college, but one time a guy asked me how his return was going before I had finished. I told him I thought he was going to owe, but that I wasn't finished. He got upset. When I finished, he got a refund. But the damage was done. He didn't ask me to do his taxes again.
  • I'm from Texas. I grew up in Houston and I live in Austin.
  • I'm on Twitter.
  • I have blog.
  • I mostly eat according to the Primal Blueprint.
  • You can contact me here.