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Canvas Album ArtCanvas by Frank Farrow - Progressive rock writer and musician, Frank Farrow, describes his approach to this album as creating a musical painting using various instruments and sounds as colors. I'm proud to have contributed to the colorscape by writing lyrics and recording lead vocals on "Away" and recording backing vocals on "Spirits." The album is available at

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Raspberry Silk - I'm very pleased to announce that I'm collaborating with Milo Black again as the duo Raspberry Silk. After 10 years of not collaborating as Raspberry Silk, we decided it was time. We are reviving some songs written way back when and writing new.


In a gazebo looking east
Over Corpus Christi Bay
The oil rigs' silhouettes
against white on orange rays

Can you count the sunrises
that you've seen on the water?
Will you count any more?
Have you shared the sight
with a stranger who you met last night?
Will you share any more?

Count the Sunrises